I love winged eyeliner and old people


My face. I always fill in my eyebrows and I wear a lot of hair tying things like bandanas and hairbands (preferably the floral kinds). Winged eyeliner everyday! something I started doing in High school and It’s like my signature look now… I LOVE IT!

 I was having a conversation with my mother the other day, about how I would love to live in the 50’s, because I love that kind of stuff. Women were so fashionable and beautiful back then. I love that they wore dresses and always made their hair look so perfect. I like the fashion back in 1940 to. However, I don’t know much about how life was back then I mainly focus on the fashion aspect of things. I think I’m gonna try to bring some of that good stuff back and mix it into my own style. I really enjoy old music as well… like jazz and soul. I think I’ve got an old soul. I’ve always been like this, I prefer talking to old people rather than kids because I feel like I have more in common with old people. 

Kisses and hugs to all of you! 


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