On sad days I wear all black



Yesterday I had a conversation with my friend about how my style actually says a lot about who I really am, and how confused we get when people dress a certain way and don’t act the way we expect them to. We are not being judgmental it’s just that clothes, makeup and hair is a form of expressing who you are and being your true self is very important to us. It’s about feeling like yourself and being comfortable. When somebody wears something that they feel awkward in, you know they ain’t being themselves. Why wear something uncomfortable if you don’t have to?
It can be quite amusing to speak to people who act the complete opposite to what they  look like. ^^

My perennial style always keeps changing just like I do. I’ve had a lot of different hair colors and hairstyles. I’ve always been quite experimental when it comes to makeup and clothes  because that’s the type of person I am. I always question things like: why can’t I wear this? who says I have  to cut my hair a certain way?
I wear whatever I want whenever I want to.

But I would never be disrespectful and wear a wedding dress at someone else’s wedding or go in to a catholic church in a bikini.
There are some lines I just wouldn’t cross.


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