My room right now.

I’ve now been living in Örebro for a week and so far I’m loving it!
The city is really cool, it kind of reminds me of Uppsala but it’s bigger.
Out here where I live and study there is mostly fields and tractors. I really like living out here in the country side though. It’s so much easier to focus on what I’m here to do, dance. The teachers are amazing and the people here are great. I really feel like Im in the right place and that my life is going somewhere. Yesterday I bought some curtains and other decorative things to make my room feel a little bit more like mine. I still need some pillows, lights, artwork and other things but I’m really excited about these curtains because they ‘re ORANGE! I love me some Orange!!!! 😀

I’ll post a picture of my room when It’s done! 

Also, something worth mentioning! My friend Amanda also moved to Örebro so now we live 50 meters apart, AWESOME! I hope she likes it here as much as I like it here. 

Love, Paulie


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