Field of fur

Adventure time, Pictures



There are fields of gold everywhere around us. All we need to do is take a moment to realize that we don’t have to search very far to find beautiful things because it’s already there right outside our door. A flower growing trough the cracks of the pavement, a small meadow of flowers in the middle of a city park, a sky full of stars on a dark night. Lately I’ve been appreciating the amazing nature that surrounds me here where I live and I’ve realized what a beautiful country Sweden is. I’ve had the opportunity to swim in the ocean twice this summer and I don’t even live close to the ocean at all. I love the ocean with all my heart, I can’t explain it. I’ve also been enjoying the sun as much as I can  and running around in the forest a lot. Taking long bike rides trough wilderness and seen parts of this city I’ve never seen. I really love taking part in the beautiful nature that this country offers and I’m so thankful for it. I look forward to traveling and discovering more beautiful places in the future. These pictures are taken with my crappy phone but I thought the field looked like fur and I really wanted to capture that. I’m going to do a weekly or monthly photo project where I go out and try to find something naturally beautiful in an unnatural place. Just to prove to myself that the world is a beautiful place even if it sometimes doesn’t feel like it is.



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