So I moved

Adventure time

So I moved and it feels amazing. I live opposite of a hotel so when (yes when, not if) I make a fool of myself I don’t have to feel awkward around my neighbors because they wont be there for long. But I guess interesting things happen in hotels, and I’m hoping to see something hilarious so I’ll have a great story to share here on the blog. So far I’ve been woken up buy people parting in the streets and some sweet tunes from the jazz club down the street and I swear I heard people street racing. I live on the 3rd floor in the middle of this city so the noise of Saturday night finds me with ease.  I don’t mind, I like the feeling of being in a city because cities are alive. The best part of my this city is that it’s so tiny that if I go for a short walk I end up in the middle of a beautiful park. I also live fairly close to a mountain, the ocean and the forest. It is amazing. Right now my sister is staying with and we spent a good amount of time on building my new IKEA furniture. Then we went to the grocery store and bought the necessities :  juice, oats, jam  and celery. We’ll go on an  adventure this week and I’ll try my hardest to remember to bring my camera but don’t get your hopes up.


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