The day when I shoved garlic in my ear

Paulina, Story time

I have a really nasty cold going on and now it has spread to my ear. I can’t hear a thing and it hurts like hell. So of course I turned to my dear old friend Google for some good advice and I stumbled upon something rather odd. There had been discussions on the internet about shoving garlic in your ear to ease the pain. I thought it sounded completely ridiculous so of course I had to try it. And as a matter of fact, it worked. I’m now sitting here at my breakfast table with garlic in my ear and I feel so much better. Remember to only cut a tiny piece of garlic and wrap it in fabric or cotton so the ”juice” doesn’t hurt your skin. I’m going to the pharmacy later today to buy something for my stuffed nose. I hate breathing out of my mouth because it makes my throat way to dry and I can’t live my life with a dry throat. Dry throat = bad voice, and that means I can’t sing. Horrible. I am trying my best to avoid calling a doctor since I really don’t like to go and get things checked out by professionals. I rather suffer alone and endure the pain until it eventually goes away. I know… I’m an idiot, but I really believe in my body you know. I’m too curious to see what it is capable of. 

DSC_0037Sick, with cottonwrapped garlic in my ear. Yeey life! ❤


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