I’m so over it


I’m so over this damn cold! Seriously, I can’t handle missing out on amazing dance classes because my nose decided to go on a holiday and my throat is trying to be a total drama queen. This can’t go on anymore. Luckily I’m feeling a lot better now than I did yesterday and I think I’ll go to our ballet class, and watch my amazing class dance, this evening. I actually find it quite hard to sit out on classes and I’v only done it a few times because I much rather dance than sit on the floor. 

My plan was to attend class this morning but I had the worst night ever and I’ve hardly slept due to coughing all night. So I decided to give myself another chance to catch up on sleep. However, I can’t sleep any longer now because I’m naturally a morning person so sleeping past 9:am makes me feel bad. I’m also very upset about missing these last couple of days because I just hate that feeling of missing out on lifeTo compensate for missing so much dance I’ve been watching a lot of dance related videos on YouTube. I’ve also been reading about different schools I would like to audition for next year.  

I am totally committed to staying healthy for the rest of the year and I will take this very seriously. No shitty food, 7-8 hours of sleep every night, stop being so stressed out all the time and get enough vitamins and all that. I think I might have to revert back to being a vegetarian for now because there isn’t a lot of (for me)affordable  vegan alternatives here and I usually just eat bananas whenever I attempt to go vegan. At least now I’ll eat bananas and an egg. Much better.

I really don’t understand how I managed to get sick twice in 5 weeks. It makes me really fucking angry…  I need to watch a Harry Potter film to calm myself down. 
Stay positive, stay weird.


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