This day on a purely personal level


This day has not been a good day. It’s been okay and terrible, in other words a roller coaster. I don’t feel like I owned my body today, I feel like there was no connection between my body, my heart and my brain. I couldn’t even pretend that I was having fun because all I wanted to do was cry and sleep. I couldn’t focus on anything at all and it felt terrible. I got angry and started to tear the little confidence I actually have, down. I just had a really bad day today.

People call me POW for a reason and lately I haven’t been myself, the happy and positive me that I actually am. I’ve been feeling how I become more and more bitter and hateful towards myself and especially when I am about to go to sleep at night. I go trough the day and pick at all the tiny things I could have made better or been more polite or said something. It’s not a healthy place to be in and I am making a choice now, to change that. To get myself back.

I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m lacking some vitamins and minerals that are messing with my brain.Today I bought some supplements and hopefully I’ll get my energy back.


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