Asking questions

Dance, Paulina

I was right about the minerals, it was exactly what I needed. But not only what I needed to be the best version of myself.
The next step now is to actually deal with my thought process and remind myself of what I am actually trying to do in class instead of sticking to old habits. I have noticed a little bit of progress but I know I could probably speed it up a bit if I let myself ”jump”. I really feel like the only time I can be truly proud of myself is if I actually wholeheartedly do my best. That is what will increase my confidence and more confidence is what I need.  We actually did a test where I saw on paper that I have the least amount of confidence out of everybody in my class so I really need to do something about that. If I don’t, its not fair to myself or anybody else.
So the question is, how do I get to that place where I can truly do my best 100%?
I need 100% focus.
I need 100% internal drive.
And I need a bit more courage.

I’ll focus on one thing at a time so today I’ll try to find my internal drive and see what happens. I don’t expect anything, I don’t demand to find it immediately. I’ll just ask myself the question, what drives you? why are you doing this? how much do you want this?
Usually, nothing makes me as motivated as thinking about why I love to dance and how much it means to me.

Let the experiment begin.


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