I should not but I probably will


I heard that Rise Against is coming to Stockholm in November and it just happens to be the same weekend I’m going to Stockholm. Now, I should save my money for more important things like audition fees, food, train tickets and new running shoes. However, a part of me really wants to go to this concert.  I haven’t been to a concert in like… 2 years or something like that. I love going to shows and letting all my frustration out and enjoying the music with a big crowd. There is usually so much love at these kind of events.

Taking back Sunday is also playing in Stockholm this year and I would love to see them as well because I had a period of my life where I listened to them every day for like 3 months and I loved them.

My favorite band of all time, Pierce the Veil, is going to play in Stockholm next year. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT!!!! I have to see them live because I haven’t been before, even though it is my favorite band in the world and they have been in my country a few times before (like 2 times). I listened to them every day throughout high school and they have really been one of the many things that I believe got me through a lot of teenage angst shit. Great lyrics, beautiful melodies, their whole sound is just awesome and very unique. Their music is so interesting and not even a little bit predictable. I love that.
Sleeping with Sirens is also playing at that show and I used to be such a big fan of theirs as well. I had a crush on Kellin Quinn and I knew all their songs. I even got my sister into their music and they have been a part of a lot of great memories. Although, I don’t really like their last (3rd) album so I kind of stopped listening to them for a while but I would definitely go to a SWS concert.

I probably shouldn’t go to all these concerts because I’m on a budget but, if I know myself as well as I think I do, I can guarantee that I will be attending these shows. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!


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